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Don’t listen to everything boys tell you

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Don’t listen to everything boys tell you

Adrienne Utleg, Staff Writer

He tells you the sweetest things like “you’re beautiful” and “we have something special.” He tells you things like “we get each other” and “no one understands me like you do.” He’ll send you text messages that bring butterflies to your stomach and just thinking about the little things he does puts a smile on your face. You get your hopes up thinking about how the two of you are so right for each other. He gets you into believing that you’re different than all the other girls, when really the truth of the matter is you’re just one of the many he’s played.
It’s so easy to believe isn’t it? All the little things he says… he’s sweet that’s all. But have you ever considered that maybe he’s just telling you what you want to hear?
Not all guys are deceiving, heartless jerks; there are the genuinely sweet guys, the real guys who are worth falling for. But don’t be so naïve and assume that just because he may seem safe to open your heart to, he could be the one to break your heart the most.
I know it’s hard to believe. Well, the truth is, you don’t want to believe it. Everything’s going great, right? He’s into you, you’re into him, you guys get each other and you guys would make a great couple. You can’t just let whatever people say ruin what you have with him. And you shouldn’t, if it’s not true.

“But he wouldn’t do that,” you think. “I know him, he’s not that kind of person.”
Think again.

All I’m saying is, save yourself the heartbreak. It’s hard thinking you know a person when they turn out to be different from what you thought they would be. Thinking that what you had with this person was well, real. Because you were being real yourself.

It wasn’t just him that you “got” and “understood.” He was the one that knew right where you were coming from. Because you guys had that kind of connection. You guys got each other that way. Simple as that.

So you start falling for him. Maybe you’re a little hesitant at first, or maybe you just let yourself go without thinking properly about what you could be getting yourself into. He probably seems like the kind of guy who could really treat you right. So there’s nothing to worry about, right?

On second thought, do you really know this guy? Do you really know him well enough to open your heart out to and trust him that he won’t break it? Of course, no one can promise they won’t hurt you. Sometimes things just don’t work out. That’s just a part of love. But willingly and knowing that he’s hurting you? Yeah, you can do so much better.

More than likely you’re not the only girl he’s talking to. There’s probably another girl right now that’s falling head over heels for him too, thinking about how all the things he said to her, the same things he’s said to you and the many girls before that have learned from that mistake.

But who knows? Somewhere out there there’s going to be that girl that will make him change his ways. Someone that he will be falling head over heels for, who could possibly be the one to break his heart too.

But you know what? You’re going to find the right guy out there, the one who’s actually worth falling for. The one who will say those things like, “you’re beautiful” and “we have something special” and truly mean it, unlike the jerk who just told you just what you wanted to hear.

He’ll say things like “we get each other” and “no one understands me like you do” because you guys will have that kind of real connection. Unlike what you and the many other girls before thought you had with him.

And it won’t be just those sweet text messages that give your stomach butterflies, its the things he’ll say straight up to your face, because you deserve to have it heard yourself. And that will be what makes you smile, unlike the one who only made you cry.

 You will set your hopes high that whatever it is between you guys, it could really work out and be something real, and this time its okay too. Because he’s hoping just as much as you are. Unlike the guy who just played with your heart. And you will get yourself into believing that he’s different than all the other guys, because well… he just might be.

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    I lovedddddd this !!! i cut it out of the paper and is now hanging on my wall (:

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