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Every week brings something new


Andra Rictor, Times Staff Writer

Last Thursday I came home to a welcoming sight. Both of my dogs were locked outside because, while on a walk with my mother at the Ancil Hoffman Park in Carmichael, they had rolled in dead salmon. And lucky me, I got to help my mom’s boyfriend wash them off, since my mom had already left for school.
Now, it wouldn’t be too horrible if my dogs were little—say, a Jack Russell Terrier or a Pomeranian. Oh no, my dogs are much bigger than that. One is a 55-pound Australian Shepherd and Collie mix and the other is a 100-pound Chow and Labrador mix.
Plus, we weren’t going to just hose them off outside because we had tried that before, and let’s just say, that did not work out too well.
So instead, we decided it would be much better if we washed them off in a real bathtub. All we had to do was let one dog in at a time, lure them into the back bathroom, shut the door, get them in the bathtub and be able to keep them in there while the water was running long enough to scrub them down with shampoo and rinse them off. Sounded simple enough.
And so “Operation Wash the Dogs” went underway. We decided to do Frank—the Labrador—first, since he is bigger and we thought it would be easier to get him done. Following through with our plan, we got him in the house, lured him down the hallway back to the bathroom, got him in and shut the door. Everything was going great.
Then we had to get him into the bathtub. Try getting a resistant 100-pound dog into a small place like a bathtub. Steve, my mom’s boyfriend, went in while I stayed out. He picked Frank up from the front to get him halfway in and then I lifted up his backside to hoist him into the tub. Steve turned on the water and before I could close the shower door, Frank freaked out and jumped back out of the tub. So we had to try it again and again. After a few tries, we finally got him in. I had to hold the door shut to ensure that he didn’t escape.
Even better, guess whose shampoo we were using? Yeah… So after a few minutes of scrubbing and washing down, we let him out and rubbed him dry with a towel.
Next it was Rizzo’s turn. With him, it was easier because he is light enough to just pick up and put in the tub, which was good because he was the one who got the smell of dead salmon all over him. Anyway, we got him clean and dried off (even though he still smelled like salmon slightly).
And to make matters worse, the next day I come home from school and there was a hole in my bedroom window, about 4 inches in diameter. On the floor, I found a rock that was about the size of a half-dollar. Coincidentally there was a hole in the window screen as well and it was about the same size. So somehow a rock managed to find its way through the screen, the window, the blinds and end up halfway across my bedroom. Ah, never a dull moment.

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