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Procrastination isn’t your friend

Procrastination isn’t your friend

Kristen Carter, Times Staff Writer

What keeps a student from doing their work? Many students reach a point where they are just too tired or have just lost interest. Procrastination becomes such a bad habit that it seems impossible to break.
Why would I do my homework when I can do it later? Why would I do my homework when I have to leave in 20 minutes? Why would I do my homework when it’s only worth a few points? I can’t do my homework; I have to clean my room. Anything but homework.
If you are responsible and do your homework nearly everyday without being nagged by your parents or teachers, you probably will be able to handle being an adult better than those who are dependent on procastination
Although sometimes we secretly wish all the responsibilities adults give us would just disappear, you may or may not realize all the work they do for you. My mom alone makes dinner, pays bills, cleans nearly the entire house, takes care of me when I’m sick and has a full-time job. Our teachers put together PowerPoints, tests, lectures and they stay many hours after school.
Why do they care so much? Your homework leads to your test, which determines your grades, which brings a student to college, which then decides how successful you are. A job is usually something that you get money out of, but if you find something that you love, you’ve found a career.
I plan to do my homework everyday, but often times this is not the case. Many of us know when we are procrastinating, the excuses we make and why we shouldn’t, but how do we stop? I listened to my teachers lecture yet again about good students and I decided to try something new.
I started to do my homework at the kitchen table and I am a lot less sleepy then when I did my homework on the couch. If you can find a good place for homework, then hopefully you will have freed yourself from distraction. I used to spend 30 minutes planning how I was going to do my homework, until I realized it was just another excuse. So I’m going to sit down and do my homework when I get home, whether it’s due tomorrow or in four days.
Stop wandering around looking for excuses, and do your homework. My goal is to break this habit, because I don’t want to be lazy. When I actually accomplish something, I feel a lot better.

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