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To girls who juggle guys: it’s not worth a ruined reputation

To girls who juggle guys: it’s not worth a ruined reputation

Erin Petit, Staff Writer

Remember when we were younger, and our parents always told us we shouldn’t bite off more than we can chew? You should know by now they weren’t telling you to cut back on the candy.

They told us this when we bought things we didn’t have the money for, when we picked too many Honors classes, and even when little Fatty took another piece of that delicious chocolate cake. They always tried to warn us about taking too much of something we couldn’t handle.

Only a true artist is able to balance out the mixture of school, social life, the job and any sort of hobby daring to slip out of our busy fingers. So why, then, do girls need to add the drama of boys into the equation?

I’ve lived most of my teenage years believing it was just the way we handled puberty, it was set into our genetic code. But I—and I’m sure many other girls—have noticed an even stranger pattern than just simply adding boys into the raging hormonal war we call puberty.

This is about the girl who has more than one boy. Or three. By this point we’ve all lost count and could honestly care less.

It’s the girl who has a boyfriend, a fiancée, and a lover all at once that boggles our minds. We’ve all seen it. She’s in the hallway making out with her boyfriend first period and she’s hugging your friend’s brother for a little too long. Fourth period, she’s telling said brother’s best friend to call her. While telling everyone, “No, we’re not dating!”

How she manages to fit all these men into her day planner without them fighting for “Monday 3 o’clock” is beyond me.

How she manages to keep all these men on the rise and not having a care in the world absolutely frustrates me.

Love has always been an important subject to me. It’s an emotion we feel that goes deeper than just our heart. We feel its warmth and its chill all at the same time. It’s an emotion that affects us physically and mentally, so painfully we can’t even bear it.

To see someone act like it’s just something we can throw around completely irritates me. Who could just dismiss another person’s emotions like that?

The fact is, it makes me want to literally smack an innocent bystander.

It makes it seem like she doesn’t even regard it as love. Why would someone hurt the one they loved so intentionally? She’s wasting this person’s feelings. He could easily have fallen for the girl that’s had a crush on him since grade school, the girl who he just recently clicked with, or just maybe, the guy who just came out of the closet.

But instead, he’s stuck with a girl who hardly gives him the time of day.

This girl thinks it’s completely acceptable to just string these guys along like they’re her slaves. That it’s perfectly okay for her, she somehow has this magical right to juggle all these men in her hands. After all, these boys are big kids, and they can make their own decisions, and they’ve all decided to follow her, and that’s their choice, right?

It’s as if she doesn’t realize how old she is. She’s in high school, people. Is it really necessary to have 47 guys chasing you for, ahem, excuse me, your body? No, it’s absolutely pointless (Not that it’s all that attractive when you’re older, but let’s face it: at least it’s legal then).

Does she even realize what she’s doing to her reputation? Does she honestly think anyone who finds out about what she’s doing is going to be okay with it? No, and she’s only making a regretful mistake in her life. She could really be a sweet girl on the inside, but she’s giving no one a chance to see that side of her. I’d love to feel bad for her, but how can I when all my sympathy is going to the guys that she’s leading on?

I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m pretty sick of watching someone destroy their future and reputation over people they don’t even remember within five minutes.

  1. Brittany says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOOOOVE ITTTTT ! i dont care what anyone says it was written well and was just a great piece in general (:

  2. I love it E. You did a great job.

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