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Rallies signify positive spirit change on campus after four years

Rallies signify positive spirit change on campus after four years


After the Saturday Night Live-themed spirit week from Jan. 23-27 and a rally that Friday, staff officials and Student Government believe Antelope’s spirit has swelled to an all-time high. They believe the infectious school spirit and participation has noticeably increased from rally to rally, year to year.

From four-year Student Government members such as seniors Morgan Minor, Mary Schaffer and Kyla Asbell to Activities Director Kristin Patten and Principal John Becker, the dramatic maturation of school rallies is a symbol of just how much the school has grown.

As the school’s fourth year begins to come to a close, students, staff and others in the Roseville District can’t help but wonder how such a giant leap was made from a rookie high school.

“I remember at our very first rally being booed by the sophomores, and it just broke my heart,” Activities Director Kristin Patten said, who has sustained the role since the campus’s beginning. “I went to (Principal’s Secretary Kim) Cuneo’s desk, just bawling, thinking they hated me—but I knew I had to start out that way so students could understand what we were trying to do.”

Rallies on campus in the school’s first year included merely the bare minimum: only two classes, consisting of freshmen and sophomores, whom had generally no direction of how to act or participate in proper high school spirit. Patten insisted teachers be the role models of how to act during rallies until those students were able to grow and take reign themselves.

“For the first two rallies, we just had to lay the foundation of how it was all supposed to look,” Patten said. “The first rally probably didn’t seem that fun to people, because it was teaching. We’d play a game; we’d say the next rules. It was more of a procedure. But I knew I needed to set that, because now, I don’t even need to get on the microphone anymore. Students can just run it.”

Student Government works hard to ensure that Titan rallies become famous locally and in the community. Many note that bringing all of the programs together is what really makes the rallies represent just how much the school has grown.

“Our rallies have shown how much we’ve grown because of how we’ve combined all of our programs—Dance, Cheer, Band, everything—to make our rallies special,” Schaffer said, who has been active member of Student Government since the campus’ first year. “It’s really cool to be able to just incorporate all different programs now, other than just Student Government.”

Now that foundations and rules have been established and students have the general gist of how rallies are supposed to look and feel, Titans are now able to enjoy them thoroughly.

“We went from a school with no traditions, to a school with such great school spirit and atmosphere,” said Minor, who has also been in Student Government all four years. “Our rallies have improved tremendously since the beginning. We’ve just started out and we’re already known by so many people. I’m so proud to call myself a Titan.”

Although reflecting back on Antelope’s growth may be easy, knowing what the future holds for Titans is not as clear. Sophomore Nathan Hall, Rally MC, plans on taking the momentum Titans have now and hope to do even more great work in the near future with it. Although the first-graduating class prepares to say goodbye to being a Titan, Hall ensures Student Government and the rallies will never stop growing.

“We want to keep improving; we’re always looking to do something better,” Hall said.

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